Billion dollar empires need part-time CEOs.

Seven Figure Founder

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There are so many things to love about running your own online business. 

  • How do I decide who to hire next?
  • How do I get out of the day-to-day ops of my brand?
  • How do I organize my day to work for my neurodiverse brain?
  • How can I scale without replicating oppressive systems and policies?
  • How can I double my MRR and work on other projects, too?

There are so many things to love about building your brand. But you’ve got new questions, like:

You’re a few years into building your product brand. You’ve landed funding, you’ve hired some team, and you’re getting press hits. The things that used to feel so challenging? Those are easy peasy now. 

But you’ve realized that the tools and strategies that got you to this point aren’t going to get you to the next daring level. And you’re not sure about your next move...which is making you question if you really do have what it takes to be that industry leader.

Make decisions scale your brand and your career, too.

Seven Figure Founder is for product-based entrepreneurs who want to scale to seven figures on part-time hours. You will get support in scaling your team, operations, and personal management so you can step away from the day-to-day and become a sought-after, brave leader in your industry. 

This includes guided time to measure results, launch new campaigns, and ‘slow down to speed up’ with making sure that the founder’s actions align with their priorities. Working with me and your peers, you will identify what needs attention through one-on-one coaching, mindset work, and targeted masterminding.

Seven figure founder is for you if:

  • You want to step away from the day-to-day ops of your brand so you can start your next venture, have hours for deep creative work, or spend time with loved ones

  • You have trouble communicating your needs and preferences as a neurodivergent leader who wants to get shit done

  • You know your brand’s unique positioning like the back of your hand  

  • You have industry-specific mentors, but need strategy on team, ops, time management, and creating a life you love

  • You’re hungry for your brand to disrupt inequitable systems and be daring and brave

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What's Included

  • One private Roadmap Session at the beginning of your coaching to set goals for yourself and your business

  • One private coaching session each month

  • Quarterly Seven Figure Success Retreats

  • Up to 6 guest speakers annually who are the best in the biz. They speak on industry-specific topics like formulation, landing venture funding, measuring marketing metrics, and packaging

Seven Figure Founder is a 12-month experience for CPG and beauty entrepreneurs who need a grounding container for them to process, strategize, and sort through their ideas. 

As a member, you get:

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Jamika Martin

She’s 100% committed to moving your business forward and creating BIG meaningful changes in your day-to-day and your company at large.

The best part about working with Jess is her intention

Founder of Good Neighbor

Carli Goltowski 

So now I'm putting out less fires, other people are responsible for things I used to spend hours and hours doing. Once we dissected those things and dove into what I was spending my time on, you really see where your hours go.

Coaching really helped me focus on that and give my team the tools they need to problem solve to free up my time.

Some Answers to Common Questions

My model is life-centered business coaching. Because let’s be real: as entrepreneurs, the lines between work and life are always blurry. But that doesn’t mean that you need to ‘rise and grind,’ work 80 hours a week, or give up being a friend/partner/parent/human being to have a successful career.  

‘Life-centered’ means making you business manageable, productive, and dare I say, fun. The Strong Backbone Framework puts YOU in the driver’s seat. I work with my clients to build the businesses that honor what’s non-negotiable for them and keep them in their zone of genius. 

This program can’t be curtailed. It’s 12 months because that’s how long it takes! My work is all about developing and sustaining CEO habits. That’s not gonna happen in the short-term, no matter how great you are. I can only work with people at this level if they understand this work isn’t about quick fixes and they’re committed to showing up for themselves and the others in the group.

Seven Figure Founder is $16,000 pay-in-full or 12 payments of $1,333.

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