Create, Market, And Sell A $1,000+/Month Offer In 90 Days

create and launch an offer that generates 80% of your revenue—and makes you the new expert everyone else is copying.

High Ticket Hero

It's Time To Create Real, Sustainable Change And Become Your Industry's Leader At The same Damn Time.

If you’re here, you’ve had your business for a few years. You’ve already shown you have what it takes to bring in clients, deliver results, and ride the waves of entrepreneurship.  You probably also have a laundry list of changes you’d like to see in the world (because our white supremacist, late stage capitalistic culture is f'ed). You'd like to support causes and people through your business...but that's soooo not possible right now. 

In short, you plan and dream big—and it’s super frustrating that you can’t quite figure out how to break through to that next level of revenue and audience.

It's time to change a few things in your business. And that starts with one major move: introducing a highly-converting, highly-covetable high ticket offer. When you do this, you can stop second-guessing your expertise, serve your clients deeper, and position your business as the new gold standard in your industry.

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While low-ticket or customized offers position you as a gun-for-hire, high-ticket offers position you as An expert. 

 When I say 'high ticket,' I mean one that costs $1,000 or more every month, and a minimum of $3,000 total. This offer is the first stepping stone to establishing yourself as an in-demand industry leader. And if you don’t have one? You’re holding back your own revenue and impact. 

That’s where High Ticket Hero comes in.

It’s time you created a high-ticket offer. Why?

High Ticket Hero is a 6-month program where you'll create and launch a $1K+/month high ticket offer. And you'll do that over and over again.

When you join High Ticket Hero, you will conquer gremlins that keep you safe but broke through mindset work that is tailored to premium service providers. Then, you’ll craft an offer that your clients cannot get out of their heads. 

Your offer’s stuck there like a catchy pop song because it has an Aligned Program Promise, or the big fix your offer provides. Your offer also has all of the 4 Cornerstones, which are elements that make your offer a hell yes and give you back more time in your workday. And because your offer is stuck in their brains, your dream clients purchase with joy—and actually feel empowered by giving you their money.

Because high-ticket isn’t just raising your prices and calling it a day. It’s a whole-ass mindset shift. (Backed by strategy and proven tactics.)

In this program, you will create 80% of your revenue from launching just 1 high-ticket offer. You’ll learn skills that are unique to premium offers, based on real-life, six-figure businesses and launches. And you’ll also build entrepreneurial muscles you can use again and again as you continue creating offers and growing your business.

What makes High Ticket Hero different?

Your home base has alllll of the templates, calendars, and examples to help you save time and keep focused

A resource hub that gives you your time back

You develop the self-trust you need to follow through on your big ideas through weekly calls and accountability sessions. This way, you know that you're working on is aligned to your big goals and will get the results you want

Live Feedback and accountability weekly

With a method that works for every service-based industry. No more Frankensteining strategies designed for someone else's business. This program is all about you

a focus on premium services

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The Whole Program

the high ticket offer checkpoint

12 weeks of live Q&A calls

You have weekly Q&A calls in the first 12 weeks of the program. Over this time period, you'll be able to create and launch your offer as you walk through the program content. In these calls, you will get the high-level mindset tweaks, offer adjustments, and feedback you need to get your high ticket offer into the world (and have it make a big splash).

This is a special one-time call in the first month of the program. On this call, you will get my sign-off on your target client and offer components that will create 80% of your revenue. This makes sure that your offer is aligned with what your dream clients really want.

our premium players community

The group accountability on Slack will help you stay motivated in between our calls and give you more fuel to keep going during your launches. It's also where you'll find your next collaborator, accountability buddy, or business bestie.

A rich resource hub

In addition to the High Ticket Method program, this hub is full of processes that I actually use in my business and worksheets that help you organize your thoughts and ideas. This is not information you could have just Googled, or  some random PDFs. 

the step-by-step method

You will learn The High Ticket Hero Method that walks you through creating and launching your offer. This Method has created thousands of dollars in revenue for my clients and ensures that you are creating an offer that your dream clients crave.

The lessons for the Method are in our resource hub. 

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Take the fast lane to becoming your industry’s leader

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Systems Consultant, La Noemi

Valeria Acosta

“High Ticket Hero is all about getting deep into your strengths and core values. Because of High Ticket Hero, I have more white space on my calendar, cultivated more creativity in my life, and have brought in over $52,000 in sales across three clients who all love to give me their money.

I have added wellness days to my weeks dedicated entirely to me and my self-care as a business owner with bipolar disorder—without worrying about client deliverables or hurting the momentum of my business.”

Our Schedule

You have a group Q&A call lead by a business coach. This is where you can receive spotlight coaching to get feedback on your offer, marketing, and sales strategies to ensure they are appropriate for a premium business. You will also be coached on your mindset and how to think like a premium, values-centric entrepreneur.

The First 12 Wednesdays

You have a pomodoro accountability call. These are included for you to work on the content of the week while it’s fresh in your mind. One pomodoro (Italian for ‘tomato’) is a 25-minute block of focused, distraction-free time. These are critical for getting your offer out the door and into the hands of your ideal clients.

Program Dates

The next cohort will be in 2024, dates to come.

Every Monday

You Progress Following The High Ticket Hero Method

lesson ten

lesson Nine

You begin with the mindset that’s needed for creating premium businesses, then move into creating the offer, then finally how to market and sell the offer.

so you're spending your time and energy on the right areas of your launch at the right time (and don't get overwhelmed)

lesson twelve

lesson eleven

lesson One


LESSON three



lesson Six

lesson Seven

lesson eight

Get oriented!

Set your launch goals and commit to a timeline, discuss prelaunch marketing content, and cultivate a high-ticket mindset so you can stay focused through your launch.

High-Ticket Decisions

Without the skill of decision-making, it's easy to fall into stagnancy and bad habits. In this module, you'll learn what high-ticket decisions look like and how to become more effective and efficient in your day-to-day.

Decode Your Dream Client

Before you make your offer, you need to decide who your ideal client is to serve in this container. You'll learn how to get clear on this person and how to find and market to them.

Create And Refine Your Offer

Create an Aligned Program Promise and apply the 4 Cornerstones of a Converting Offer to your work.

Offer Numbers

Stop getting stuck with the bottom line. This week, you'll learn how to price your offer and decide on its duration (so you know how long you're working with your clients). 

Craft Your Method

 Learn what goes into a client-centered offer framework or process and how to make your own. (yes, you have one!)

High-Ticket Mindset

Launching takes a lot of your time and energy—and raising your prices is scary enough on its own! This section is meaty and covers how to set yourself up well before your launch—and how to dig yourself out of a mindset spiral.

Copy Clinic: Sales Pages

Get a detailed breakdown of the components of a highly-converting sales page. You'll leave with a step-by-step plan for writing your own, fast.

Copy Clinic: Social Media

Get a detailed breakdown of what high-converting social media looks like. You'll leave with a step-by-step plan for writing captions and calls to action.

Fix Your Funnel

Build out your simple marketing funnel with strategies that help sell premium offers (not just any old thing)

Supportive Sales Conversations

Give ‘em the VIP treatment. In this lesson, you'll learn about initiating supportive sales conversations that serve.

Stack Your Tech

No matter how many automations you do (or don't) have, you'll get a simple plan for the right tech in this module. 
Use this over and over again as you grow your business.

Deliver Freedom

Build Bravery

Craft Impact

The High Ticket Hero Method

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actress and founder, Film Translation Board

Julia Taveras

“Before High Ticket Hero, I wasn’t even aware that there was a possibility of building a high ticket offer for my kind of business. I was literally about to give up…I’ve become more proactive about my sales process, I think outside the box about my services, and I’ve identified gaps in my workflow.”

  • You're 100% good with the amount of revenue you're making right now (go you!)

  • You love the way your business is now and don't see room for improvement

  • You need cash tomorrow (this is not a get rich quick situation)

  • You're not sure what your business is yet

  • You're not down to clown with a group

  • You’re part of an MLM or otherwise selling someone else’s products


Who is this for?

  • You've been selling offers at $3K or less and you keep telling yourself "I just need a few more clients and I'm on my way!"...but they have yet to materialize

  • You already have a $4K+ offer (or 5) that no one buys (and you never mention it on your sales calls, either)

  • You’re maxxed out on 1:1 clients but you’re not making the money you want (and you want to make more moolah)

  • You know you could be supporting your clients better, but you're not sure how that would happen (besides adding more hours to the day)

  • You used to have hobbies, time with loved ones, and fun—and you want them back

  • You struggle to get tough stuff done solo and you value group accountability

  • You are committed to or interested in antiracist work


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Your coach, strategist, and high-ticket guide.

Once upon a time, I was working hard for next to nothing. I was always a phone call away from my clients, asking how high when they said jump. I knew I needed more work, but I didn't see how I could do that without adding more hours to the day. I didn't even want to look for new work because I couldn't deliver, and I knew I'd just let them down.

The worst part? I thought, Maybe I'm just not smart enough to run my own business.

So I panicked and spent hours on looking for jobs, feeling totally unqualified for them despite years of experience. I didn't even bother Googling business tips because I didn't think of myself as a business owner. All in all, I felt like I would never figure it out.

I wish I could’ve told myself that it wasn't my fault. I was just solving the wrong problem.

Once I implemented a high ticket offer model, I got 3 clients who paid double my rate within the next 2 months—and just kept selling at that rate (while taking every Friday off). 


I love helping their big dreams (like reaching their revenue goals so they could finally take that European vacation) come true. And I can't wait to share this work with you!

I’ve worked with companies and nonprofits in the U.S. and internationally. I live in the Pasadena, CA area and in my free time, you can find me playing video games, hiking, and searching for the perfect matcha latte. 

I help entrepreneurs turn their piecemeal, one-off projects into high-ticket, premium offers and programs so they can fall back in love with their businesses again.

Let me tell you a little story.

social media coach and strategist

Nina Stoller-Lindsey

“Because of High Ticket Hero, I launched my first ever group program, enrolled 5 people, 2 at VIP level, opened up a scholarship spot, made over $20K from the program, and donated $500 to support abortion access.”

The payment plan for this program is 5 payments of $500 or $2,500 pay in full.


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The Investment

Some Answers to Common Questions

This program is for service-based businesses. Check out how I work with product companies here.
No, you can be a service-based business in the real world too. 
Yes. The High Ticket Hero Method works for DFY and DIWY offers. It works whether you are doing the service yourself or have a team or are a solopreneur or are a coach. I have taught copywriters, systems experts, education consultants, and Old Hollywood online communities to launch, to name a few.
High Ticket Hero does not come with private coaching. For this, check out The Founders Circle.
The Q&A calls are recorded and made available in your resource portal.
The only requirement for High Ticket Hero is a commitment to getting out of custom 1:1-only work. The offer you’ll create in this program will be very different from how you’ve been envisioning your work. If you are prepared for that, you are welcome into the program.
No, you need to have an online presence beyond your website to be in High Ticket Hero.
This program is open to folks of all genders. I do expect the group to be dominated by people who identify as women. 
The results of implementing a business model like the one I'm teaching in this program vary and depend on factors like, but not limited to: your industry, your skillset and experience, your commitment and bravery, and national and global events. They are also shaped by unequal white supremacist policies and culture, which can affect factors like access to capital and mindset. I've shared the experiences and successes shared on this page to show how my products are used and what results are possible. I make no promises or claims of your success and ask that you weigh all opportunities and risks before investing your time, money, and energy into my (or anyone's) products.

High Ticket Hero is $2,500.
Congrats! You’re onto something that people need. Now, we need to make your business work for YOU better so you can double or triple your bottom line in half the number of hours of work. It’s time to go premium.
All participants agree to uphold safety of this container. That means that racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and fatphobic language and actions are not tolerated and are grounds for removal from the program without a refund. Although we can’t guarantee confidentiality, all participants also sign a confidentiality agreement and Backbone Business does not share your information anywhere outside this group. These rules are non-negotiable.

I recommend committing 3-6 hours/week to work on your business and on the content we cover in the program.
I am certified by Creative Successful Entrepreneurs. I completed an 18-month certification process before I could call myself a ‘coach.’

Sending Proposals Isn't Going To Save Your Business. (Neither Is Doing More Marketing)

If you’re eager to finally cut busy work from your life, attract aligned clients, and position yourself as the expert you already are—join us in High Ticket Hero.

At the end of 6 months, you’ll have launched an in-demand ,high-ticket offer (more than once). You will have a new stream of reliable and repeatable income and that generates revenue that exceeds your goals. And you will have created more ease both in your business and in life. You in?

It’s time you created a high-ticket offer. Why?

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