You’re a visionary who wants true abundance

Of Money, Time, And Energy. You’re In The Right Place.

I’ve always been an over-functioning high achiever who is very hard on herself.

I went from job to job early in my career, but I felt unfulfilled and bored. One day, I took a stab at graphic design at my 9-5, liked it, and eventually went freelance. 

Freelance was fun, but it wasn’t paying the bills. I was broke and exhausted all the time. By a stroke of luck, I met a business coach and transitioned into a branding studio. And I went hard. I was going to every networking event, reading every business book, and doing every project that came my way. I also picked up a coaching certification and loved it. But the way I talked to myself didn’t change. Nothing was ever enough—even when I was running myself into the ground.

A letter from the founder

I’m also an introvert who used to hate the spotlight.

I soon realized that I needed a better way of running my business if I was going to keep going and make world-changing money too.

Slowly, things changed. I started reprioritizing my own health and honing the skill of entrepreneurial decision-making. Once I did this, things began to shift. I realized that I could make so much more change with my business if it created more abundance in my life—of time, money, and energy.

All of this resulted in massive burnout and health problems, including anxiety attacks and periods of deep depression. 

As a coach, I help entrepreneurs create true freedom for themselves, loved ones, and communities.

My clients unlearn the ways they were taught to be successful: climbing the corporate ladder as quickly as possible, at the expense of their health and life, or putting their many identities on the shelf in order to please someone else. 


In my free time, you can find me reading sci-fi, playing music, collecting Peloton badges, hiking, and searching for the perfect matcha latte.

Effortless Decisions

Our Framework

Expertise & Innovation

Streamlined Systems

Audacious Goals

Healthy Habits

Magnetic Messaging

At Backbone Business, We Believe


Another way is possible. Will we be brave and take it?

Another way is always available to us if we want it.

We can run a business and have a joyous, purposeful life too. 

We have an obligation to redefine what leadership looks and acts like, who has power, and who makes the big decisions.

We can do more than just invite more people to the table—we can create a new table.

We can change our own lives and blow our own damn minds.

How we can work together to expand your premium business or brand:


craft the profitable plan to expand and refine your business, joyfully 

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Booked and Bankable

Break through your roadblock with one-on-one support and a clear plan of attack. 

In Booked And Bankable, you will create launch profitable offers of your services that your clients cannot wait to buy. You will do this by following time-tested principles that I have coached service-based entrepreneurs to implement for the past 8 years. Your plan will be tailored to your needs and your brain. It will include the personal schedule and action steps that you'll actually do, taking your neurodiversity or chronic illness into account.